Apple iPhone 4s & iPad2 Jailbreak Tutorial & Help! Help with Apple A5 Devices: iPhone 4s & iPad2 Jailbreak Assistance!


Apple iPhone 4s Jailbreak – Free Help

Follow the Tutorial @ to Jailbreak your IOS Device!

...I threw this site up in 15 minutes with the sole purpose of helping Apple A5 Device Users (iPhone 4S & iPad 2) find the tools and help they need to successfully Jailbreak their device, and to also EDUCATE the world on the topic of whether Jailbreaking an iPhone is right or wrong.

Jailbreaking an iPhone has always carried a negative connotation, and I want to change that. Jailbreaking your i-Device is not only free, but also legal under the 1999 American Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

Note: I do not condone the illicit activities that can sometimes go hand-in-hand with jailbreaking. My unwavering support of this matter comes through first-hand experience of using a jailbreak, and PAYING developers in @Saurik's APP Store named Cydia.

..Cydia is just like the Apple App Store, except for the inclusion of non-Apple-certified Tweaks & Applications... These new Apps are generally not approved in the Apple App Store because Apple is either scared of opening their closed-system-way of doing things, or simply because Apple's own software is threatened by the free-enterprise system within Cydia, the Jailbroken App Store.

Can it break your device? No. Is it legal? Yes. Should you do it? HELL YA! But what if I dont like it?

NO PROBLEM, just backup your i-Device, and restore it to factory settings to go back to the boring world of a closed Apple system!

Eric Henningson

University of Southern California

Marshall School of Business

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IPhone 4s Successful Jailbreak!


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